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1. How does your company get paid?
Once a reconstruction settlement is reached between your insurance company and Advantage Builders of Nevada, Inc. a settlement check will be issued listing the owner, Advantage Builders, Inc. and your mortgage company. After all parties have properly endorsed the check, Advantage Builders of Nevada, Inc. will overnight the check to your mortgage company. Your mortgage company will deposit the check into a construction escrow account and will release construction funds usually in thirds. 1/3 to start, 1/3 at the 50% point and 1/3 upon completion. Your mortgage company will assign an inspector to monitor and inspect the progress and completion of the project. The mortgage company will only release funds when their inspector instructs them to.


2. How long will it be until I am back living in my home?
This answer varies greatly due to a number of factors. No work can begin until a settlement is reached with your insurance company. This could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months. Some claims settle faster than others do. Obviously, the size of the job will also determine the duration of repairs along with other factors such as weather conditions, city permit process, etc. Most jobs are completed within 4-12 weeks from the start of construction.


3. If your estimate is higher than the insurance company estimate, will have to pay the difference?
NO. Advantage Builders of Nevada, inc. will negotiate with your insurance company until a settlement is reached. Our work authorization is written to protect the homeowner from out of pocket expenses. It states that Advantage Builders of Nevada, Inc. will rebuild the structure for the agreed amount with the insurance company. This is why the agreed settlement is required before reconstruction can begin.


4. If the insurance company will not pay rush essay for something I want, will I have to?
The insurance company is obligated to pay for all damage that was sudden and accidental. Often homeowners want to make changes or upgrades in areas of their home that was not affected by the fire. This would be handled as an "Extra Work Order." Advantage Builders of Nevada, Inc. will work with the homeowner personally to discuss these changes and give a fair and reasonable quote for any additional work requested beyond the agreed scope of repair.


5. Do you use subcontractors and if so for what part?
Advantage Builders of Nevada, Inc. employs full-time carpenters and tradesmen. On larger jobs, we do about 50% of the job with in house employees and about 50% of the job with subcontractors. Usually for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing and flooring.


6. Do I get to choose the paint colors and carpet type for my house?
YES. A project manager will be assigned to the reconstruction of your home. Your project manager will work closely with you in selecting all items such as roofing, paint, flooring, etc. (types & colors)


7. Will the insurance company still pay if the fire was started by my own negligence?
YES. As long as the fire was sudden and accidental, a insurance company is obligated to pay for the damage. This is why you have insurance.


8. Why should I trust you, and how do I know you won’t just take the money and not complete my job?
Tom Delahunty, President of Advantage Builders of Nevada Inc, has restored over 800 fire damaged houses. Mr. Delahunty has been in the insurance repair business since 1992. He has completed every project he has ever started, his reputation is unchallenged. Keep in mind also, your mortgage company controls the funds, and will only release a progress check after their own inspector gives the okay. This system actually protects the homeowner and the contractor.


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